We are proud to inform you that on December 12, 2017 held a successful delivery and commissioning of the Aviator high-level transport incubator for the National Medical Research Center named after Almazov.

This equipment includes not only a multimodal transport ventilator for newborns, but also additional possibilities such as TXP-2D high-frequency ventilation and AeroNOx nitric oxide delivery system.

The AeroNOx provides a controlled concentration of nitric oxide by delivering a constant flow of nitric oxide into the inspiratory limb of a mechanical ventilator.

Aviator transport incubator will provide intensive care for newborns at high risk (premature babies, including those with extremely low body weight and very low body weight, newborns with acute respiratory failure that require traditional convective ventilation and / or high-frequency oscillatory / jet / percussion ventilation, and / or non-invasive CPAP and / or non-invasive ventilation of the lungs, under controlled environmental conditions.

All the equipment of Aviator transport incubator, including the TXP-2D and AeroNOx, are designed for operation under vibration and overload conditions, which makes it compatible for both air and ground transport.

As befits Newmars Group Rus team under the leadership of G.M. Andrei Pankratov conducted end-users training for doctors with a demo of equipment capabilities.

On March 24-25, 2017 in Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary, the 22nd scientific meeting of the section of cervical pathology of the Hungarian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology took place. It was devoted to the topical issues of the application of advanced methods of cervical screening and diagnosis of cervical disease. Chief leaders, leading experts and practicing doctors from various clinics not only from Hungary, but also from Russia and the United States took part in the meeting. As part of the event, Newmars Group presented advanced technology LuViva, a computerized spectroscopic fluorescent scanner for the diagnosis of gynecological diseases. LuViva allows determining the risks of cervical cancer development with a high accuracy.

The world experience of using unique equipment shared by specialists from Russia and the United States was included as at the scientific program of lectures, so at the open discussion platforms: a round table was made for specialists with demonstration of equipment capabilities and clinical research results.

As the result of the event, the advanced equipment will protect women's health at the leading gynecological clinic in Debrecen, Hungary.

The Newmars Group continues to expand in Russia. In January 2016 the Company entered to North-West region market to supply medical equipment and consumables.​

The Newmars Group continues expanding within the European Union.
We have just opened a new office in Vilnius, Lithuania. We are introducing our new developments in the Baltic region.