Multifunctional dressings

Hyperoil is a modern antiseptic for the performance of dressings with anti-edematous, sedative effect; it is a natural herbal medicine (active ingredients: azadirachtin and hyperforin) produced in the form of oil, gel, wipes with gel and cream. It has antiseptic properties, protecting and moisturizing effect, the drug creates and maintains adequate moist wound environment, developing protective properties of the tissues and promotes healing of injuries, skin abrasions of various origins, lacerations of the mucous membranes.

Deep wounds


In the case of complex chronic wounds, deep wounds with damage of the dermis and penetrating to the bone, Hyperoil debrides the wound using the fibrin, stimulating the formation of granulation tissue. Maintaining the hydration of the tissues, Hyperoil prevents formation of scabs and maceration of adjacent tissues.


  • Hyperoil is universal, does not require the use of disinfectants
  • Provides good healing of the suture, prevents the formation
    of keloid scars or scabs
  • Extremely short time healing
  • Does not damage surrounding tissue
  • Change dressings non-traumatic
  • Vegetal formulation
  • Fast healing time
  • Low cost product
  • Easy-to-use solution for self-care at home
  • Does not require antibiotics
  • Antiseptic and regenerating
  • A single product for EVERY phase of wound healing for ALL kinds of wounds