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Airborne Aviator Transport Incubator

Safe and sound in the air and on the ground

For over 35 years Airborne Life Support Systems has been designing and manufacturing infant and pediatric transport systems for leading hospitals and transport teams around the world. These systems provide the transport community with the most innovative and advanced solutions to accommodate all modes of transport.

The Aviator, just as the name suggest, is designed to fly. The sleek, low profile incubator is ideal for small aircrafts with tight spaces. It boasts the ability to store and secure 2 gas cylinders along with a wide range of options for transport ventilators and cardiac monitors. The Aviator has quickly become the primary incubator for neonatal flight teams.

Model Features

  • Compact and light weight
  • Unique  low profile
  • Air and ground utilization
  • Rugged and reliable

Technical Specification

  • Large double-wall infant chamber with 360° visibility 
  • Large LED display
  • Head and front access doors                                           
  • Humidification reservoir
  • 2 hand ports on front door                                              
  • 2 pairs of infant restraint straps
  • 2 hand ports on back of infant chamber                       
  • Air and O2 cylinder mounts (2.5 L or 5.0 L)
  • Slide out intubation tray                                                  
  • 6 IEC style accessory power outlets
  • Extended life battery                                                         
  • Oxygen blender with flowmeter (0 to 15 L/min)
  • LED light bar (430 Lux average)                                     
  • 2 air and O2 inputs (NIST) Pressure diffusing  mattress

Additional Options

  • Integrated pulse oximetry
  • Airway management
  • Airway humidifier
  • Electric suction
  • Patient monitor
  • Thermal privacy cover
  • Shelves / mounts
  • Folding stretcher / cot
  • INO delivery / monitoring