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Compounding Technology
Liquid mixing system in sterile conditions


Mixing system medOC is used for mixing and fusion of solutions and drugs with defined dosing and high accuracy. The ready solution of a given size and concentration is displayed in terminal container – the bag or the syringe.

Using mixing system medOC solutions is necessary, especially in the resusctation of newborns where are the greatest demands on the sterility and accuracy of the mixed solutions with minimal dosages of drugs.


Model range of mixing systems solutions medOC includes 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-channel system, with the  possibility of horizontal or vertical design, allowing to choose the best model based on the required tasks of the clinicians.


  • Preparation of infusion solutions with the step of dosage form 0.1 ml, with an error less than 1%
  • Individual infusion media with a complex structure
  • Non-contact filling of infusion systems with toxic drugs (chemotherapy in Oncology)
  • Execution protection for illogical or invalid commands, or “idling”