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SYMPHONY health monitoring system for operating rooms

Newmars Group presents our unique integration solution for operating rooms (OR) designed to collect all patient information into a single platform – SYMPHONY. Its main goal is to provide the easiest instant access to any patient information.

Symphony – Main Spheres of Utilization

  • Infrastructural solution – a unified organizational structure of cooperation between an operating room and the hospitals
  • System solution – a unified coordinated protocol of medical care in different hospitals
  • Infrastructural solution – a unified organizational structure of cooperation between an operating room and a hospital

SYMPHONY infrastructural solution enables to merge data from operation rooms and other departments to organizational environment on the unified management platform.


SYMPHONY allows operating team to make decisions during operation based on medical data from hospital data storage and advisory center.

SYMPHONY provides to surgeons and anesthesiologists instant access to the complete health condition of a patient, such as:

  • Patient monitoring data
  • Current medical manipulation data
  • Laboratory data, including urgent cases
  • X-ray, CT, MRI data, including intraoperative information
  • ECG, Echo, ultrasound
  • Emergency and urgent consultation from advisory center
  • EMR and hospital information data.

Consultation is provided by clinically significant data format, so specialists are not required to enter clean zone.

SYMPHONY system solution enables following unified clinical protocols and medical care standard control during surgeries, based on patient data received in clinically significant form.

SYMPHONY allows to perform real time remote consultations and information exchange during a surgery through a special secure data transmission channel.

SYMPHONY stores all consultations in archive of the system records. This allows to control actions and care standards, based on clinically significant data format.


SYMPHONY is relevant for

  • Instant access to patient’s data
  • Instant communication between the operating team and other hospital units
  • Emergency specialist advice without entering the clean area of the operating room
  • 24-hours urgent consultations, based on clinically significant data format (HD, DICOM)
  • Real time patient’s condition assessment from the consulting center
  • User-friendly interface – “all-in-one”: all data in a single display.

SYMPHONY integrated solution allows to combine patient’s monitoring data and other medical devices information into a single stream to display it on a data screen.



Designed to work in multi-vendor environment, SYMPHONY can be mounted in any operating room and can be connected to any medical equipment interfaces, such as patient monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, anesthesia machines, endoscopes and cameras, intraoperative MRIs.

Data transmitted:

  • Vital data from the patient’s monitor
  • Video from IP-camera
  • Medical equipment data from other equipment possible to transmit data
  • Data from patient’s personal card.


Single data screen

SYMPHONY Main Features

  • Light and climate control
  • Surgery table control
  • Medical equipment integration
  • Hospital system integration


SYMPHONY Control Module